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About Emily Wright

My Writing Journey

 The journey began with Young Authors Day. I was a five-year-old kindergartener whose handwriting was quite atrocious. "Emily's Golf Game" was the title, and I highly doubt we will ever see it hit the shelves. One good thing came out of that little white book: my passion for writing. I thought that writing stories was the coolest thing ever. I made up stories about my dogs, stuffed animals, and even a Christmas ornament ("Christy the Christmas Giraffe"). Thanks to my best friend, I was introduced to the American Girls book series, and, as they say, "the rest is history." Quite literally.


When I began writing historical fiction, I became fascinated with the Civil War at about the same time. My family took a trip to Shiloh National Military Park each year for the annual living history event. Those trips eventually sparked a short story called "Have Courage," which starred two characters named Elizabeth Campion and Tom Murphy. I then decided that it needed a sequel, and then a third story to officially put it to a close. I was in seventh grade when I wrote these stories. I rewrote them when I was in ninth grade, naming it "Have Courage: Version B." Of course, there were more stories in between and afterwards. If I wasn't reading a book, I was writing a story, some of which may or may not be eventually turned into full-length novels (time will tell).


It was in college that I remembered the story of Elizabeth and Tom. I had to write three short stories for my college senior thesis, and one of those stories involved a young man named Tom who went against his family and joined the Federal army, fighting his first battle in Belmont, Missouri. This short story was titled "Trial of Strength" and was published in The Copperfield Review (which can be read  here). After that, I decided to return to those three short stories I wrote in junior high/high school. They eventually became my first published series, Trials of the Heart (Trial of Strength, Trial by Fire, and Trial of Courage). 


I hope to take even more writing journeys with you, and I hope that someday you will be able to read some of those short stories that came into being during those junior high/high school days. 


Fun Facts

tilt selective photograph of music notes

Fact #1

I love music. My absolute favorite bands are Queen and Casting Crowns. The extent of my music skills is limited to my church's handbell choir. 

Fact #2

I am a teacher at our local high school. I've taught English I, III, theater arts, and creative writing.

Fact #3

I live in a small, rural town in Tennessee. We have a Veteran's Museum that sits on the site of an old Army Air Base, which was used to train B-17 combat aircrew during WWII. A future story, perhaps? Time will tell!


Fact #4

I graduated from Union University with a major in English with concentration in creative writing. Shoutout to the awesome UU English department! 

Fact #5


I've known my husband for my entire life, beginning in daycare. We have one daughter and a Labrador retriever named Lady. 

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