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Trials of the Heart Series

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Book 1

Elizabeth Campion is torn between her beliefs and her loyalties when the North and South clash in Memphis, TN. But she faces a loss other than the near two hundred casualties...

Trial of Strength


Book 2

No longer afraid, Elizabeth Campion is determined to speak out for what she believes is right. Though her heart fills with joy at her uncle’s release from the notorious Irving Block Prison, she must now keep her letters to Tom a secret...

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Trial by Fire

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Book 3

Elizabeth Campion must learn to move forward on her own, while Tom Murphy is determined to finish the war, no matter the cost. When four long years of bloody strife are finally brought to an end, he vows to never pick up a gun again. Before Tom can be reunited with Elizabeth, there is one last conflict he must attempt to resolve. 

Trial of Courage

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