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Trial of Courage
Trials of the Heart, Book 3

Overcome with grief, Elizabeth Campion must learn to move forward on her own. When Joseph Fredericks, the young soldier she met at a Christmas party two years ago, offers a business deal to save her home, she accepts with hesitation.


Tom Murphy is determined to finish the war, no matter the cost. When four long years of bloody strife are finally brought to an end, he vows to never pick up a gun again. Before he can be reunited with Elizabeth, there is one last conflict he must attempt to resolve.


Holding onto the past, Memphis becomes a state of utter chaos. The city quickly falls under the control of a lawless mob, leaving a trail of death and destruction. Tom is soon forced to join with an unlikely ally to save innocent lives.


With their entire world crashing down, will Tom and Elizabeth have the courage to pursue a future together?

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Available now in paperback and ebook!

Bonus Features for Trial of Courage

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Praise for Trial of Courage




"A story that brings to light the need for love and human connection, the importance of remembering the past, and the presence of the Lord throughout the events big and small of our lives." 

"I loved the history in this book; couldn’t wait to read this one! Always looked to make sure I wasn’t at the end because I loved it so much!" 


"I bought the first two books and read them quickly. I couldn't put them down! It was torture to wait for the third but it was worth the wait! The author takes you on a fantastic journey that will tug on your heartstrings. My son asked me, "Why are you reading that if it keeps making you cry?" I told him that great literature should provoke emotion and this story does just that. The characters are so well-developed that you feel you know them personally and you really feel with them and for them. I wish the journey didn't have to end!"

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