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Trial by Fire

Trials of the Heart, Book 2

No longer afraid, Elizabeth Campion is determined to speak out for what she believes is right. Though her heart fills with joy at her uncle’s release from the notorious Irving Block Prison, she must now keep her letters to Tom a secret. Time in prison has taken a deadly toll on her uncle, and with Tom in constant danger, the young woman struggles to keep her eyes on God. When her world is torn in two, Elizabeth must learn to hold fast to faith in a new reality.

Each night, Tom Murphy battles invisible enemies, only to awaken to a worse reality. With each heavy step, he slips further into chaos at the deafening screams and earth-shattering cannon blasts. As though she is the only foothold in his life, Tom places his very being in the hope of reuniting with Elizabeth. It is only when the ground beneath him shatters like glass does he look up to heaven.

Elizabeth and Tom will face challenges they’ve never before experienced. Their faith must withstand the fire, or else it will be consumed.

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Available now in paperback, ebook, and audiobook!

Trial by Fire Bonus Features

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Praise for Trial by Fire

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"If you are looking for an amazing read, look no further! I bought the first two books of the series (Trial of Strength and Trial by Fire) from Amazon and I cannot WAIT for the third installment of this wonderful story. I literally read both of these books in two days. It's a period piece set in the South during the Civil War. It follows two main characters in a tale of strength, bravery, loyalty, faith, fear, love, and family. There were times when the characters were begging God to help, and let me tell you, I felt that in my soul. A wonderful, emotional, gripping story. You will not be disappointed!"

"This is a tear-jerking book! It keeps you on edge and shows you to trust in the Lord and he will help you lead the way, as Tom realized this throughout the battles of war. It had me "in my feelings" when I read it! Very good book; would highly recommend it!"

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